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Based on an independent survey:

98% of respondents agree following the cleaning and disinfecting guidelines from the Center’s of Disease Control (CDC) for COVID-19 is important

76% of respondents agree they would use an App to verify recent compliance with CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19

94% of survey respondents would choose a business or organization that displays a Trust Badge over one without

Getting Back to Serving the Community

Build community trust. 

Show you care about public health and safety when you display your organization Trust Badge for consumers to search and view your latest cleaning status. 

When the check is green, they’ll know you’re clean. Keeping up with guideline requirements can be easy and communication that you’re ready for engagement even easier.

The Cleaned for COVID™ Trust Badge is proof that your organization is one the public can trust.


Resume Work As A Trusted Organization

Ensure your employees feel safe and equip them for success.

Onsite COVID Safety Officer(s) complete training and implement industry-specific, Cleaned for COVID™ checklist(s) to monitor and guide their teams for proper cleaning, disinfecting, safety and social distancing guideline adherence.

Confirmation is posted and immediately viewable online with an exportable audit trail of timestamped activity for your records.

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