Getting Started

How to Get Started and What's Next

Identify your Safety Team

Your Covid Safety Officer(s) are your onsite source for verifying that your site is clean and ready for the public. Each user will need their own unique login so you will use the number of people completing the checklists as the number of users you will want to purchase. 

Once these roles are identified, simply click register to enroll your Business or Organization.

Register as a Cleaned For Covid Participating Organization and Download the App

Once you register and select the number of users for your organization, our Team will enable your Cleaned for COVID™ system which will trigger a welcome email and instructions for your team to download the app. 

Receive Training

Your Covid Safety Officer(s) will be immediately prompted to take convenient online training to familiarize themselves and your organization on the guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and other agencies for establishing plans and protocols.

Complete The Checklist

As soon as training is complete, pre-loaded, industry and state specific guideline checklist(s) will be placed into your App and enabled for your Covid Safety Officer(s). Your Covid Safety Officer(s) will be able to submit confirmation they have completed guideline actions so your organization Trust Badge Certificate shows your site is cleaned and safe. 

Reassure Employees and Customers

Display your Trust Badge on your building, website, store front, Yelp or Google profiles, or wherever you may be evaluated by the public.  The public can search for your business using the Trust Badge code assigned to your facility and keep up with organizations that are keeping their safety top of mind. Daily certification updates let your customers see that you are taking an active role in prevention of spread and overall safe practices.

Retain Your Records of Completed Cleaning Checklists

Detailed records of cleaning performed are stored in the cloud database for easy access and export.