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Veteran Owned. Consumer Qualified.

Cleaned for COVID provides businesses and organizations a tech platform which aggregates guidance from the CDC, OSHA, State and Local guidelines in a simple interface for their employees to follow. 

Cleaned for COVID LLC was founded by a former US Army Officer with experience in quality assurance and safety. Combining that experience with an FDA/ISO quality compliance software and database solution embracing Digitization 4.0 to enable better organizational alignment with CDC, OSHA, State and Local recommendations and guicance, the CFC team launched in April 2020 to address the real concern of how businesses and organizations were going to reopen and what would help consumers and patrons confidently return to the organizations they trust.

The result was a solution to enable organizations to open quickly and safely with

  • Training delivered to empower employees
  • Checklists to make it easy to ensure proper cleaning and safety protocols are followed
  • A communication tool to bring people back to organizations with confidence
  • Historical record of checklist completion

Cleaned for COVID LLC does not create or enforce guidance. It offers aggregated communication of suggested guidance measures.